Our mission as leading film and TV set construction company is to meet and endeavour to exceed expectations.

We are constantly striving for excellence in every job we complete. From start to finish we do our utmost to ensure that we cater to every detail and that our clients remain completely satisfied. Each client is so important to us, so we work continuously until the project is completed within the correct time frame, meeting all requirements and is as cost effective as possible.

However don’t just take our word for it! Here are some testimonials from a few of our past and existing clients, each with very different, exciting designs, all ending in a happy result first time!

We have worked with Fabry for many years as their graphic supplier for all TV set and film studio print production.

David and his team have always been very loyal to us and we have enjoyed this working relationship.

The quality of their output is testament to the experience and knowledge they have of their industry and the care and attention they put into every job.

Richard Long

Director, Lick n Stick Graphics

“I have worked as a construction art director for many production designers, and on many projects, with Fabry Trading Ltd since they were established in 1995. The projects have been varied in both design content and genre.

Everything from Jonathan Creek and The Cazalets to The Chase, 1v100 and Grandma’s House. Yes, Prime Minister, Still Open All Hours, Daybreak and Mount Pleasant.

The relationship we have built over the years has been amazing, they never tire of my endless construction questions of the best way forward with tricky detailing and finishing. I am a bit OCD, and have to dot the i’s and cross the t’s, and I met my match in Fabry, Their professionalism and construction standards are second to none. I have never been disappointed with a set they have built or the journey we have shared from the workshop floor to the studio/stage floor.

I hope this will continue for many more years to come”

Sara Hawden

Art Director

“Having worked with Fabry over the last 15 years, they have proven time and again that they deliver exceptional results every time. The quality of the work alongside the dedication of the entire team is a testament to the wealth of experience and support they offer at every stage of production.”

Greg Shaw

Production Designer

“Fabry should be classified as Miracle Makers.  Set construction seems too mundane to describe what they have done for me.  In my many years as Art Director for Lady Gaga they made numerous extraordinary sets and props for her performances. 

A giant moon for the VMA’s, a gorgeous Trans Am Car Piano,  the Craziest Christmas set London has ever seen just are a few of the pieces that were lovingly crafted at light speed.  The owners and staff do everything to help solve any problem and support the designers and clients in the most professional manner. 

Their range of  meticulous techniques include:  welding, carpentry, all scenic finishes, upholstery, sculpting,model making  and more…I would trust them with any project.  They have never let me down…and even when there were last minute changes or requests they were able to finish everything on schedule.  Consider yourself lucky if you get to work with them.”

Marla Weinhoff

Production Designer / Art Director